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If you merely have a simple random toilet clog or a sink acting up then most likely you don’t need a plumber as it usually fixes itself. However, if it is more than random then utilizing our plumbing services might be of value for you.  If your drains have slowed down and simple fixes like liquid plumber aren’t working you can give us a call. One of our many licensed Houston Drain Cleaning experts will be happy to take your questions and figure out what the best action is to take.

If you need a Houston Drain Cleaning to come to your residence we can be there within an hour and you can always take advantage of one of our many drain cleaning discount specials we have.

What about something more problematic? Roots in the sewer line or big objects deep down drains? No problem! We fix all types of clogs!

Even the best of systems can have problems over time. Tree roots have a tendency to grow where you wouldn’t normally want them to such as in sewer and drain lines. This causes many problems. Another problem can be the expansive soil in this part of Texas as well as concrete sitting on top of lines. Over time this pressure can cause pipes to flatten (belly out) over time. No problem though! Our experienced Houston plumbers from YB Plumbing have many years of experience not to mention quality training utilizing state of the art technologies.

Houston Drain Cleaning

We can be there in a short time frame and fix any problems you have related to extensive sewer/drain line clogging. You can count on YB Plumbing!

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Fixing A Leaky Pipe. Do it Yourself!

That rag that you used to stop the water from the drain pipe is constantly dripping water. Let us show you how to fix that dripping. Plumbing repair has been made very simple with some of the fantastic improvements in plumbing fittings in the last few years.

Most leaks are caused by on of the following factors. When you pit inside a copper pipe, a pin hole grows. Due to poor water quality,this is caused. These interior flakes will cause a hole to the outside.  They can be spotted by green markings that are first seen on the outside surface of the copper pipe.  This is the minerals that are left over after the water evaporates. Thus, the fact is that a leak actually existed prior to the leak is detected. Joining two dissimilar types of pipes is another main problem. A couple examples include copper & poly vinyl or PVC, plus copper and Pex. The rate of expansion for this pair of diverse kinds of material varies significantly. The point where the two meet produces a constant movement and friction. The water will usually leak out with constant movement.

Until now, fixes included backwoods creations using inner tubes, garden hoses, glue, clamps and other jumbled together fixes. Anyone with experience in this field has seen all sorts of them. With a simple push fitting leaks can be fixed easily.  The push fitting is designed so that all you need to repair a leak in the push fitting is to cut the pie at the hole and push a coupling onto the pipe. Cutting the pipe neatly is the hardest part of the whole process. Those flimsy plastic to copper unions that are always causing people problems can be replaced by the same fitting.  Pipes suddenly fit together easily, despite their different sizes.

Through a quick search surrounding push fitting, you will be able to locate plenty of different suppliers of this fitting.  I’ve tried a variety of them, and each appears to be pretty effective. As a preference, I usually go with the brass types because they appear to be plenty more rugged for construction.  It is reflected in the price of the fittings. Of all those I’ve witnessed and utilized, Sharkbite brand is more commonly used. The quality of this product is excellent, and they can be purchased at Home Depot and from other plumbing supply companies. Watts, Probite, Tectite, and Speedfit are included in other companies. Some have certainly been omitted. These are a few I know and have applied.

At the end of a day, any Desk Jockey can also fix pipes. On your way to home, go via Home Improvement Store nearer to it. These easy-to-use fittings will make you look like a regular Mr. Fix-it. You may do that small plumbing project she has been begging for and even get brave. The fittings can now be used to run the new faucet outside and hookup the water filter. New plumbing materials make it easy for anybody to work with pipes.

If the above steps don’t help you or you just don’t have the time then…

Call YB Plumbing In Houston.

We’ll Help Ya!!!

How to find a good plumber

Choosing a good Houston plumber is easy!

Be certain to ask plenty of questions when seeking a plumber, because selecting a Houston plumber is a critical decision. Plumbing problems occur at anytime day or night. You should pick a Houston plumber with around-the-clock staffing. Ask for a quote on your job via telephone or an on-site visit. Asking questions and making an informed decision are imperative.


Make sure you hire a plumber with at least six to ten years experience in the trade. Hiring an experienced, competent plumber will end up saving you money and being happier with the results.

Find out if the plumbing contractor is insured and licensed, and keep in mind that only some states require a license. Always check the plumber’s license (if your state requires licensing) to verify that it is valid and there are not any filed complaints. Additionally, you should only hire a contractor who carries at least $500,000 in liability coverage and workers’ compensation insurance.

Remember Houston plumbers will either charge by the job or at an hourly rate. Hourly rates are based on your location and can run anywhere from seventy-five dollars to one hundred and sixty-five dollars. Weekend calls, or calls before or after regular business hours, may cost more on your plumbing repair bill. Always remember that there may be additional charges. For example, you may be charged more if the contractor needs to cut through ceilings to access a leak. Fixing the drain lines will cost about $70/hour, and fixing the sewer lines will be about $120/hour. You will be charged from $45 to $60 per hour for basic services such as installing new traps and repairing leaks. Understanding how your plumber bills for a job is important. A few Houston plumbers charge by the job, while others include transportation charges. Though you might be able to get some contractors to give you a estimate over the phone, most you’ll need to met in person.

Once the Houston plumber has given you a quote for the job, get a written estimate, too. When you receive a written estimate, make sure it includes the materials that will be needed, payment details, and any additional project agreements.

Determine whether the plumber offers a guarantee for his work. Its important to know what kind of warranty is included with the plumbing work, will he fix it again for free if the problem comes back? You should never hire a contractor who does not offer a guarantee.

You should feel at ease with the plumber you select. A simple mistake can leave you with thousands of dollars in damage, lost time, and lawsuits, so you should hire the best person for the job. The job of a Houston plumber is actually quite difficult. A considerable amount of information, education, and know-how are a necessity.

Plumbing problems never really happen at the right time, making it a reality that most folks will have to hire a professional, at some time. Taking the time to search for a quality plumbing contractor is very important because it will save you stress, time, and money. The tips listed above will surely help you choose a Houston plumber.